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A mashup of cultures from across India, as eccentric, local and sustainable as can be, innkeeping picked up practically in some of the most iconic hotels, adaptable street smart techniques, a small and humble team of hoteliers, chefs, rangers, bartenders hand-picked from the best remote boutique hotels across the country, 24X7 on the ball, innkeeping in our veins, guest experience in our hearts, the best hotelier-ing in our minds and happiness in our souls with what we do.

We are the Bureau of Innkeepers!

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Back in the day, inns played a significant role in the growing travel systems of the world. The classic inns were considered an essential part of English infrastructure, as they helped maintain a smooth flow of travel throughout the country.

At an Inn, The front, facing the road, was ornamental and welcoming for travellers. The back also usually had at least one livery barn for travellers to keep their horses. There were no lobbies as in modern inns; rather, the innkeeper would answer the door for each visitor and judge the people before deciding on accommodating them.

Today innkeepers as teams take bookings, operate the front of the house, the heart of the house, establish the best cleaning practices, choose amenities, linen & crockery, train the teams, cook, serve, lead safaris, farm, plant trees, kayak into the night, track wildlife, shake drinks and host!

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As rightly stated by John Stuart Mill - The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigour and moral courage it contained. That so few now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of our times.

We believe in being unique, full-bodied and possessing a character that cannot be standardised or replicated. 

“The actual office is the lobby, the restaurant or the kitchen. True innkeepers makes it a point to remember the name of every guest they meet, even if they bump into them after years. As in the Indian armed forces, a true officer must fight shoulder to shoulder with his troops and not be behind the scenes.”





The innkeeping is as local as it gets, be it our people or our food. From the staff that aren't some hotel school stars or a bunch of standard monkeys, our belief of innkeeping is to get as local as possible with 

A coconut farmer turned housekeeper, a fisherman turned cook, a local goon turned concierge and a range of in-house - locally developed talent.


We also bring on board super talent from the hills of the North East, 'The seven sisters', into all our hotels.


Our teams are lean, mean, and vibrant fighting machines, a bunch of happy individuals loving what they do every day and living in a close-knit diverse community.  

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We've got an assortment of special skills on board with us. A mashup of cultures from across India, as eccentric as can be, innkeeping taught by experience from some of the best hotels across the nation, street-savvy golden key concierges, safari specialists, local city guides, crazy chefs, Oberoi housekeepers, scientific bartenders, exceptional hosts.. managing the most unique and first-class hotel operations of chic boutique design hotels and B&B's in the Andaman Islands, The Himalayas, the countryside of Rajasthan, the bustling streets of Delhi and the woods of Nagaland.

Tropical Island


The Bureau of Innkeeper's Hotel Experiences 

New Delhi - The Capital City,

Kasauli - In The Himalayas,

Jaipur - In the City,

Jaipur - In the Suburbs,

Jaipur - In the Countryside,

Jawai - Leopard Reserve,

Ranthambhore - Tiger Reserve,

Goa - By the Coast,

The Andaman Islands -  Tropical Islands.

Hotel Bookings -

PR & Press Inquiries -


Hotel Development & Projects

Advisory on new hotel projects

Trupti Wesley, a graduate from The Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development's esteemed class of 2004 has a rich expertise in elevating guest experiences, spearheading pre-opening hotel endeavours and boutique hotel vision, and championing sustainability within the hospitality industry. Trupti is a fervent wildlife enthusiast, an avid lover of nature and remote destinations, and a dedicated advocate for animals.


Operations & Innkeeping

Hotel Operations | Hotel Administration | Hotel Community 

Varun Sankaran Kutty "VSK", a graduate from The Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development's class of 2013, earned his full keys from Les Clefs d'Or - The Society of the Golden Keys in 2016. With a specialization in managing hotels renowned for their design and unparalleled guest experiences, Varun excels in overseeing operations in both bustling urban hubs and remote, challenging locales. His expertise lies in curating hotels that are not only eclectic and eccentric but also remarkably efficient, ensuring iconic stays for guests across diverse environments.


Hotel Design & Styling

Contact us for Design and Creatives

Caroline Gabriel, splits her time between Ballarat's picturesque countryside and the vibrant hub of Mizpah in New Delhi. Alongside crafting the Mizpah experience, Caroline is highly regarded for her expertise on Delhi & Jaipur. Guests and designers alike join her for immersive visits to local flower markets, design studios, bustling bazaars, and esteemed tailors. Caroline seamlessly blends her love for interior design with hospitality, ensuring each guest experience feels harmonious. .

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